Brahe er en heldækkende låge (22 mm) med skjulte hængsler og åbningsvinkel på ca 110 grader. Findes med greb eller push-out, som leveres elstyrede eller som manuel variant med indbygget dæmpning. Den glatte låge udmærkes ved styrke og pondus.

Nature is square shapes and volumes like boxes, cubes of wood, blocks of stone, a kitchen in dark tones of French roast. Per Fernholm, chief designer with Kvänum, did what he always does, laid out the wooden colour samples in a row, like the keyboard of a xylophone, picked and swapped the pieces, changed the order to sort out a melody, and there it was, a mellow tune, harmonic and soothing; back to nature is the theme.

Counters and cabinets are made of hardwood, stained ash the tone of sepia, and tones of dark and light smoked oak.